Sports Betting Pros is looking to add two Handicappers to its Professional Handicapping Team and have them settled in as we move into the Football season. Are you a Sports Handicapper that Handicaps at least 3 Major Sports Year-round and would like to grow your platform? Consider joining the Sports Betting Pros Team of Handicappers. There are numerous advantages to joining our Team


1. You’ll have your own Personal Page at to promote and sell your picks.

2. You’ll have access to and be able to post your plays on the Sports Betting Pros Family of Blogs.

3. You’ll be introduced to several Sports Monitors that will Monitor your picks independently and you’ll have the opportunity to sell your picks on those sites as well!
Pro Cappers Watch
Cappers Monitor

4. You’ll be a Member of a select few Handicappers that will be Collaborating on plays and props and exchanging ideas as well as putting out Consensus plays when several Handicappers agree on the same picks!

5. The selected Handicappers will be asked to help develop, promote, and grow the Sports Betting Pros Brand.
A. A Podcast will be set up for the Sports Betting Pros Handicappers.
B. A Discord Channel will be set up.
C. Handicappers will have the opportunity to grow their platforms on sites such as:


Please DM me on Twitter or email at if you’re interested in joining the Sports Betting Pros Team of Handicappers.

Slade Henning
Sports Betting Pros