Next Gen Stats NHL Betting Explained
There are numerous ways in which you can bet on an NHL game with a list of markets available in every game of the season. Money Line, Puck Line and Goal Totals are the main three markets on the NHL and the most popular. The Money Line is the easiest form of NHL betting where you pick which team you think will win game. Puck Line or NHL against the spread is taking a team at -.5 or +.5 goals, where the odds change rather than the spread like in the NBA or NFL. Goal Totals of an over/under market is on how many combined goals will be scored in the match. At Sports Betting Pros we use Next Gen Stats on every game of the NHL season and give our expert view on which side of the Puck Line you should take on certain matchups, and why. Check Next Gen Stats Handicapper: NEXT GEN STATS for how it works.

NHL Betting Today
The NHL action comes fast during the regular season with 82 games per team, totaling 1,271 total regular-season matchups. The experts at Sports Betting Pros are here to run Next Gen Stats to analyze each game and check the internet for any news to make our pick a winning sport pick. We Specialize in Puck Line betting, allowing you to feel safe that we have put our time into what matters. Be sure to check out our free picks page at Sports Betting Pros.

Online Betting Breakdown
Betting online is a quick and easy process. Due to the popularity of NHL betting, you can get a wide range of markets and competitive odds at any of the Top Online Sportsbooks. All the online sports betting sites will have the main three NHL markets in the Money Line, Puck Line and Totals as well a selection of Player Prop Bets and Team Prop Bets which can range from point scorers, goal scorers, period winners, to team goals, or even betting on the correct score.

Types of NHL Betting
There are so many ways in which you can make a bet on an NHL game, from the winner of the game to very specific player stats. Check out some of the popular types of NHL betting types below. This is why here at Sports Betting Pros we use Next Gen Stats to fine tune our Puck Line pick only. So, you can feel safe when making your sports pick through Sports Betting Pros.

Money Line Betting Breakdown
Money Line Betting is the easiest way to bet on an NHL game. When betting on the Money Line you simply bet on the winner of a game. With Online Sportsbooks giving a no option of a game ending in a tie in overtime and if shootouts are played in the NHL, then there are simply two different outcomes in a Money Line market, Team A to win or Team B to win. That also means your bet will either win, or lose, with no pushes or ties possible.

Spread Betting – NHL Puck Line Betting Breakdown
Spread betting is known as a Puck Line bet when dealing with NHL betting markets. It is like the Run-Line betting in the MLB, where the favorite will be given typically a -0.5 Puck Line and the underdog a +0.5 Puck line, with the odds, rather than the changing of lines as they do in the NBA or NFL. Here you are betting on either the favorite to win by 2 or more goals, or for the underdog to win, or to Lose by 1 goal. The Puck Lines can change from game to game, with some being +/- 0.5 goal and other +/- 2.5 goals, this all depends on who is favored. The Puck Line will always have a .5 on the end to stop there from being a tie or a push. One side will always cover and win the other will lose. This is what Sports Betting Pros excels at picking Puck Line Sport Match-up Winners.

Over/Under Betting – NHL Totals Betting Breakdown
Over/Under betting, also known as the NHL Totals markets, is a bet on the total number of goals scored in a single game by combining the two teams’ goal tallies. The line will be set and will range typically from the Over/Under being 4.5 goals right up to over/under being 8.5 goals. Of course, all games are different and there are cases where the line can fall out of these parameters. If you bet the over on a 6.5 goal line, you need there to be 7 total goals scored to win, if you bet the under on the same line, you will need the score to be 6 or fewer goals to win. Over/Under markets are a great way to bet on a game if you’re not sure about either side of the spread or money line, or you see a high/low scoring game on the books.

Player Proposition Betting Breakdown
Player proposition bets or as most people call them Player Prop Bets, are bets on the
propositions of something occurring or a nonoccurrence of a specific player-based stat or
performance. As with most sports, goals and points are largely what shapes a player’s
performance in Prop Bets, so you can bet on either of these in the NHL, as well as other things like shots, assists, or even saves from a goaltender. There are so many ways to get involved in Player Prop Bets for an NHL matchup.

Team Proposition Betting Breakdown
Much like Player Prop Bets, Team Prop Bets are a type of bet in which you are betting on the proposition of an occurrence, or nonoccurrence of a specific event. With Team Prop Bets you are betting on one team or another, rather than the performance of both teams, such as the spread, points total or money line. One perfect example of this would be Team Points Total markets, here you’re betting on an over/under points total of only one team. This flexibility allows you to bet on one team, but you are unsure about the spread, or you are unsure if the opposing team will score enough points to take the over.

NHL Futures Betting Breakdown
NHL Futures Betting, as the name suggests is betting on a future NHL outcome such as who will Win A Division, Win A Conference, Stanley Cup Championship, or select NHL Player Futures, such as the Hart Memorial Trophy winner awarded to the MVP of the league. You can usually bet on these markets well ahead of time, from before the season begins, right through until the end of the season, or the end of the regular season for specific markets.

NHL Performance
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