One thing I've learned over nearly 40 Years of Sports Handicapping is that All Games DO NOT HAVE THE SAME VALUE! Some games are rated better than others! At Sports Betting Pros We have a Time Tested Money Management System that if followed will KEEP YOU IN THE GREEN! Below Is a list of how we rate our plays, If you have any questions about our Money Management System please contact Slade at:


1-Unit Release: Basically an opinion on a Game. We release these on a lot of the TV Games so that our Clients can put a small amount on a Game, then sit back and relax with little to no pressure.

2-Unit Release: A little more value than the 1-Units. We usually see something that warrants a higher rating, so we release these accordingly.

3-Unit Release: Our lowest rated regular play. This is a solid release that has good stats and analysis showing that it should be a Winning Play.

4-Unit Release: Our strongest rated regular play. Stats and Analysis show that this play has a very good chance to come out on the winning side.

5-Unit Release: Our Play of the Day Selection. Stats, Analysis, and Research show that this is a very strong selection. We release no more than one 5-Unit Play a Day in any given sport.

10-Unit Release: Our Strongest Rated Game of the Week. Strong Research, Analysis, Stats, and Injury updates show this to be a very strong play. We release no more than one 10-Unit Play per week in any given sport.

20-Unit Release: Our Strongest Rated Game of the Month. Analysis, Research, Trends, News Articles, Injury Updates, and Stats are all taken into consideration before releasing our Rare Game of The Month Play. We release no more than one 20-Unit Play per month in any given sport.

50-Unit Release: Our Strongest rated Game of the Year. Trends, Angles, Research, Analysis, News Articles, Weather Updates, Injury Updates, Stats, and several other factors are looked into before releasing our Game of the Year Plays!

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