NCAAB Betting Explained
The increasing popularity of NCAAB betting is making it one of the most popular and with March Madness makes it the biggest month of the year for betting. NCAAB betting is like the NBA, with many of the bets being the same, and the same markets being available on both. The biggest difference between the two is the skill levels in most matchups. With college basketball there are games that are complete blowouts, due to major conference schools taking on lower conference schools. Yes, the NCAAB has blowouts though they are far and few between.

NCAAB Bets Explained
NCAAB action comes thick and fast during the season, with an entire slate of games played on most days. Our experts cover everything NCAAB related including the latest news, stats, trends, and odds to provide the best free NCAAB Sports bets at Sports Betting Pros. With many games played every day, the required depth of research that needs to be put into each match takes a lot of time. Here at Sports Betting Pros, we do all the work for you. With our expert handicappers, we ensure that no stone is left unturned before publishing our NCAAB sports picks or even our Free Sports Picks.

NCAAB Betting Explained
NCAAB Basketball Betting is a different beast than NBA Betting. While most basketball fans are more accustomed to the bright lights of the NBA, there are key differences between the two. Here at Sports Betting Pros, we bring that expert knowledge to help you bet better understand NCAAB Basketball.

Money Line Betting Explained
Money line betting is the simplest way to bet on a matchup. Betting a team on the money line is simply picking that team to win the game. There are no ties in the NCAAB, and with an unlimited numbers of Overtime periods that are played until a winner is decided, the money line has two outcomes, Team X or Team Y will win, or from a bettor’s perspective, right or wrong, win or lose. The money line is slightly less popular in college sports, college basketball games included, because there is or can be a lack of skill amongst opponents. With major conference schools regularly taking on smaller conference schools, particularly through March Madness, there is very little value, if any, in betting on a favorite on the money line at odds of up to -10000. There are also ways to get greater odds on a match by picking the upset if you take underdog to win the match against a more favored Opponent. But for that reason, NCAAB bets against the spread are the most common and popular type of wager.

College Basketball Against the Spread Betting
Here at Sports Betting Pros, we specialize in Against the Spread Betting. Spread betting is the most popular type of bet amongst most NCAAB bettors. When betting Against the Spread, you are betting for the favorite to win by more than a spread number set by the sportsbooks, or betting that the underdog keeps the game closer than that of said spread number, by either winning outright or losing by less than the total spread number. One reason spread betting is popular is that it evens the playing field and makes either side of the match a betting option. With so many lop sided matchups in NCAAB, betting big negative favorites isn’t a smart long- term move and offers no value. For example, if Duke are in a matchup against Florida State, and Duke are -7 against or 7-point favorites against the spread, this means if you pick the Duke then they will have to covert the spread by 8 or more points, while Florida State must win or lose by 6 or less to cover the spread. If the match finishes in the middle, i.e. a 7 point Duke win, for example 107-100, then the game will be a push and your stake will be returned. In most cases you will see spread lines end with .5 of a point to avoid the possibility of there being a push. However, in those same spots, a favorite could have to cover 20 or 30 points to an opponent which is no easy task, particularly if they get off to a slow start or rest starters, so you can get value in taking the underdog at times too.

College Basketball Over/Under Betting
Over/Under betting is a terrific way to wager on a match-up when you are not sure about either team. Over/Under is where you can on the total combined points from both teams. For example, Sportsbooks set the line at 121.5, and if both teams combined score reaches 122 or more points are scored the Over hits, if it’s 121 or fewer, then the Under hits. Over/Under Betting offers a great alternative to betting on one team or the Money Line or Against the Spread betting. Over/Under are typically set anywhere between 110 and 180 points. The exciting thing about Over/Under betting is that every possession and every shot counts. You can win or lose an Over/Under bet on a buzzer beater.

Player Proposition Betting
Player proposition bets or as most people call them Prop Bets, are bets on the propositions of something occurring or not occurring of a specific event which is typically a team, or player stat line. The most common types of Player Prop bets are based around the three categories Points, Assists, and Rebounds, or at times, a line that has an Over/Under total combining of all three. These are great to wager on when you have a potential mismatch on the floor, such as a dominating center vs a team that gives up points in the paint. While the lines will reflect these matchups, you can put in the research to find the best value spots for these plays.

Team Proposition Bets Explained
Team prop bets are like Player prop bets in which you are not directly betting on a winning team but on their performances in the matchup. This can be done in numerous ways, but most will revolve around points. For example, total team points, rather than a match points line, or the first team to score 20 points. Being able to wager on one team or the other offers greater flexibility when Team Prop betting. You may like one team more than the other but at the same time may feel the spread is too high, or do not feel confident in the other team scoring enough points for the overs to hit on the match. In these situations, you can zero in on one team to make the most of these Team Prop Bets.

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