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NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the USA, but most don’t know how to bet on the NFL or the different ways in which you can. Every NFL match-up has numerous possibilities in which you can wager on, from betting on the winner of the game, to the point spread in which Sports Betting Pros specializes in, or a whole host of Player Bets such as touchdown scorers, when betting on NFL games the possibilities are almost limitless. But the main ways people bet on NFL games are on the Moneyline, Point Spread, and Points Totals. When betting on Moneyline games you are betting on the outright winner of said game. Point Spread is for either team to cover the spread, with the favorite conceding points (-points) and the underdogs gaining points (+points), this is where Next Gen Stats makes picking winners easy. Then you have the Points Totals, where you bet on whether the game will hit over or under the number of the total score of
said game.

Next Gen Stats NFL Betting
The NFL season is over in a flash and is much shorter in comparison to other major sports. With a fewer number of games, each game has more importance on the next. The margins of error are thin with 16 or fewer games a week in the NFL, just because these numbers are much lower than the other major sports betting, doesn’t make them any less important than the other. Here at Sports Betting Pros Handicapper, we put in days of research every week of the NFL season and take the time to research every aspect of each NFL Point Spread match-up right through the Super Bowl itself to determine what sports pick each week you should go with, if any. Not every week has good plays, we don’t pick a game just because the NFL has matchups every week. We pick Winners by doing the leg work, so you don’t have to. Check back every week to find the NFL Betting advice of the week. Don’t forget to check in for free Sport Picks.

How NFL Betting Lines Work
The mainstream media and internet discuss NFL Betting lines throughout the week and leading up to game day. NFL Betting Lines are released on Mondays, following the conclusion of the teams’ matches, but factors like injuries or potential injuries will cause the sportsbooks to delay the release of those games. Most sharp money bettors will look at these lines as early as possible and try to take advantage of the points or odds. It’s not uncommon for a line to move a few points from the opening NFL Betting Line, so if you are on the right side of the move on betting earlier in the week, you could be on the 49ers at -5 when bettors on Sunday would have to take them at -9.5, which can easily be the difference between winning and losing. But if you bet too early, you could also be on the wrong side of the bet, do to not having all information, like if a the #1 QB or WR gets sick or hurt later in the week, the line could move against you.

NFL Public Betting Term
The NFL Public Betting term is used to describe where most of the money is going on any given match-up. If 75% of the money is on the favorite against the spread, this is what the public being on the favorite means. What this does is shift the odds and line on the spread. Sportsbooks need to try and balance their books so that they can win regardless, and by moving the line from -6.5 to -7, they could attract bettors by taking the underdog by giving them a touchdown.

Online NFL Sports Betting
Online NFL Sports betting is the most popular type of sports wagering currently and with the continued expansion of the legalization of online sports betting, this is only set to get even more popular. With NFL’s popularity growing, sportsbooks offer competitive odds and range in their markets, they offer plenty of odds boosts or specials such as Insurance if you don’t win, here at Sports Betting Pros we keep you in the green, so you don’t need the insurance.

Live Betting
NFL Live Betting is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to be the next big thing in the US sports betting industry. Live betting is simply still being able to wager on a game after it has started. While you won’t get as expansive a selection of markets, you can still wager on the main money line, points totals, and against the spread, as well as a select number of player and team prop bets. The odds and lines are dynamic in NFL Live Betting, meaning they instantly change to reflect the action as it unfolds. If a favorite concedes an early touchdown, their odds will worsen, and you can take them to win at bigger odds than pre-game.

Different Types of NFL Betting
There are countless ways in which you can bet on an NFL game, from the winner of the match to very specific player stats, NFL betting has more options than any other sport. This is why here at Sports Betting Pros we use Next Gen Stats to fine tune our Point Spread pick only. So, you can feel safe when making your Sports pick through Sports Betting Pros.

Money Line Betting breakdown
Money line betting is the simplest way to bet on a matchup. Betting a team on the money line is simply picking that team to win the match. Ties are rare in the NFL, but they do happen, in this case, with a 2-way money line i.e. you can only bet on team X or team Y to win, which will result in a push. A 3-way money line, where the tie is offered, would see your money line bet on a team losing if the game results in a tie.

Against the Spread Betting breakdown
Against the Spread betting is by far the most popular way that people bet on the NFL every
week, and is also what Sports Betting Pros excels at picking Sport Match-up Winners. When betting against the Spread, you are betting for the favorite to win by more than a spread number set by the sportsbooks, or betting that the underdog keeps the game closer than that of said spread number, by either winning outright or losing by less than the total spread number. For example, if the Buccaneers are -6.5 against the Saints and win 24-17 they would win outright, and cover the spread by winning by 7. If the Saints kept it closer, say 24-21, they would lose the game, but cover the spread as they lost by less than 6.5.

Over/Under Betting breakdown
Over Under betting is a great way to wager on a match-up when you are not sure about either team, or you think it is going to be a tight affair or maybe a shootout. Over Under is where you can on the total combined points from both teams. Sportsbooks set the line for example at 48.5, and if both teams combined score reaches 49 or more points are scored the over hits, if it’s 48 or fewer, then the under hits.

Player Proposition Betting breakdown
Player proposition bets or as most people call them Prop Bets, are bets on the propositions of something occurring or not occurring. Most popular of the player prop bets is on a player to score a touchdown, but there are many other performance-based props such as over/under a certain number of passing, rushing, or receiving yards. NFL fantasy football being so popular is a why NFL Prop Bets is becoming one of the fastest betting styles.

Team Propositions Betting breakdown
Like player proposition betting, team proposition betting is a bet on whether a team will or won’t do a certain thing in the match-up. Team prop bets are a great way to wager on a match-up when you favor one team over the other. For instance, if you think the 49ers will have a high scoring game but aren’t sure if their opponent will score enough to see the over hit, instead of betting on the OVER/UNDER you can bet on the total number of points the 49ers will score. You can also wager on who will score first and/or who will win each quarter, or even the first turnover possibilities are almost limitless with team prop betting.

Parlay Betting breakdown
With an action-packed Sunday every week in the NFL season, Parlays are a popular choice amongst some NFL bettors. While individual wagers will be more profitable long term, and should stay your main plays, but why not shoot for the stars with a parlay bet. Parlays bets offer great odds and the more teams you add to your parlay the more your potential winnings will be, however, it also increases the difficulty of hitting on one. 2, 3 & 4-team parlays are often the best way when parlay betting, when any team can be on the wrong side of an upset any given week.

Teaser Betting breakdown
Teaser betting is a type of parlay, but much safer than parlaying. Teaser bet is adding or
subtracting points, in your favor, to the spread line. For example, the most common teaser
would be a 2-team, 6-point teaser, which means you get an extra 6 points on each of the
matchups, so if the lines are -3, you’ll have both matchups at +3. Many NFL matchups are
decided by 3 or fewer points, this 6 point shift can be huge. Teasers will be much lower than a regular 2-team parlay, but it’s a much safer way to keep you in the green.

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